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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Fourth Regiment, Company H

Recruited in Berks County, Pennsylvania

Lauer Infantry
104th Regiment, Co. H

William F. Walter
Diller B. Groff  
Charles A. Bitting

First Lieutenant
G. W. Ashenfelter
William J. Walker

Second Lieutenant
Charles A. Heck1er
Joel Setley

First Sergeant
Henry G. Houck

Benjamin S. Bennet
George H. Logan
George W. Hare
William McIntyre
Charles A. Spangler
George M. Groff
William Strawbridge

Clinton Seyfert
George Bost
William Sigafoos
J. Edward Witham
Preston Cooper
Daniel L. Thomas
Jacob Settle
Sylvester Knapp
Charles Getz    
Theodore Aker
John Sheetz
John P. Housum
James A. Quimby
Augustus Heckler
Joseph Shirey

George Hertig   
James J. Fisher  
Joseph Housum

Althouse, John W.
Aker, David  
Bowdin, John   
Black, Isaac    
Barnes, Abraham H.
Buchannan, Benjamin
Bower, Daniel
Bower, Thomas
Boyle, John     
Brobst, Daniel F.
Bower, Daniel M.
Bower, Henry   
Becker, Reuben  
Braley, James S.
Buderwack, Samuel
Bower, Thomas  
Bechtel, Elhanan
Burns, George   
Bower, Anthony  
Brinzinger, Daniel
Cooper, David R. 
Cooper, John L.  
Cramer, Lewis B.
Cornell, Sydney
Chamberlain, William
Correll, Lewis   
Correll, Joseph  
Correll, Jonas   
Crosley, Chester B.
Deiner, Henry   
Dunlap, Daniel  
Dilling, Philip   
Darrow, Orphenia
Dilcamp, William
Dart, Joshua
Dine, George    
Daniel, John    
Duncan, Thomas
Dippery, Nathaniel
Dean, James    
Duffy, William
Enix, Charles   
Flynn, Peter    
Fisher, Henry  
Fisher, Henry J.  
Fox, Levi R.    
Forbian, Charles
Fogerty, Thomas
Grigous, George  
Griffith, William
Gray, Samuel   
Gicker, Albert   
Grew, Nelson
Gallighan, James
Gay, Nathaniel
Heron, Daniel
Hunter, William
Huff, William
Hartshorne, Barak
Hoggard, William
Hutchinson, John
Hare, William B.
Hines, Jacob    
Hinkley, Adelbert D.
Huff, Daniel    
Hoff, John	
Howell, John    
Hughes, William
Hinman, John   
Helms, Aaron   
Hartz, Henry    
Harner, John    
Johnson, George
Johnston, James
Jackson, John J.
Kulp, John   
Krouse, John J.
Kissinger, James
Kennedy, Jonathan
Loeser, Thomas S.
Long, Henry C.
Labar, Philip
Leibler, Adam    
Lawrence, John.  
Leiby, Peter    
Leinoach, George A.
Lutz, Henry    
Millhousen, Charles
Mease, Cyrus    
Miller, John     
Maurer, Aaron   
Maicks, Edward
Mirain, Charles  
Moyer, George  
Miller, Benjamin
Murry, Charles  
Morris, James M.
Martin, John
McCann, David
McDermott, William
Nichols, Charles 
Nunnemacher, M.
Nagle, Charles   
Ottlebau, Frantz
Paulers, John   
Potts, Aaron
Quick, James
Reves, James   
Ricketts, William
Ransom. John   
Richardson, M. O.
Rabb, William 
Rieff, Charles   
Rhoads, David E.
Ramey, William H.
Rathman, Levi
Ruth, Thomas
Row, Joseph Z.
Rennelberger, H.
Richards, Charles
Rolland, William
Rhode, William D.
Shaffer, Jacob
Shuey, Ephraim B.
Stetler, Henry
Snyder, Daniel
Stringfellow, H. D.
Stedge, William
Shatler, Brock
Stanton, Oliver
Stores, Russell
Sprague, Carman
Sweney, Patrick
Schlegel, Lawrence
Sanscenberger, J.
Shoppell, Samuel
Shaffer, Charles
Saylor, George F.
Schlegel, Charles
Simmons, James
Sweney, William
Seiders, Solomon
Stackhouse, A. B.
Steffy, Christian
Strauser, Elisha
Toole, James
Valentine, Ira
Vanhorn, Charles D.
Witmer, Josiah
Wagner, John
Wireman, Isaac M.
Welsh, Elias
Wiley, James H.
Williams, John F
Ward, John
Worthington, John
Wolf, Elias     
Woodward, Thomas
Ward, John
Young, Samuel 
Yeoman, Nathaniel

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

104th Regiment

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