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Eleventh Cavalry, One Hundred and Eighth Regiment, Company D

108th Regiment
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Mustered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania
11th Cavalry, 108th PA Regiment, Co. D

Cook, James E.		
Nimmon, John S.		
Ward, Robert B.	

1st Lieutenant		
Sample, John C.			
Scott, William N.	

2nd Lieutenant		
Aughenbaugh, J. H.			
Weldy, Sylvester A.	

1st Sergeant		
Hicks, John S.		
Miles, Jacob W.	

Commissary Sergeant
Smith, Jeremiah A.	

QM Sergeant		
Young, Josiah C.	

Askwith, William S.	
King, Thomas C.			
Minnich, Edward A.	
Peiffer, John F.			
Price, William A.			
Wallace, Benjamin			
Warren, Thomas H.	

Cook, George F.			
Flickinger, Edgar M.			
Heneberger, William			
Hoyer, Joseph S.			
Rhodes, Franklin			
Schweitzer, George W.			
Smith, John R.			
Stoner, Michael H.			
Warrech, Michael			
Woodall, William H.	
Holland, George			
Kline, Charles E.	
Scott, Samuel W.
Rial, Henry C.	
Ulrich, Henry	

Whiteman, Harry P.	

Ackley, Lavinas			
Adams, Milton			
Angus, Levi			
Ayers, James			
Ayers, William H.			
Barclay, Frank			
Bird, Isaac			
Bird, Samuel			
Black, Jacob			
Bollman, William J.			
Bowers, George			
Brandt, Daniel W.			
Bricker, George			
Bricker, Jacob			
Bricker, John			
Bricker, Joseph			
Brotherton, Hugh			
Brown, Charles			
Burkholder, Jer'n			
Burnside, John W.			
Butler, Alexander			
Butler, Isham			
Butler, Jacob H.		
Carey, John H.			
Coulter, Robert			
Cudruff, Bernhart			
Cummings, Peter			
Danaho, David			
Darr, Singleton			
Davis, George F.			
Davis, Moses			
Deitrich, William			
Desilva, Isaiah T.			
Dively, Paul			
Doddington, Mark			
Doud, Lorenzo			
Doud, Milo			
Durdin, George			
Durgan, James			
Durgan, William			
Ellinger, William			
Ellis, Charles			
Elser, John			
Everett, William			
Farr, Abraham			
Farr, John B.			
Farr, Lafayette			
Fleming, James E.			
Forsythe, Abraham V.			
Foster, Charles			
Frederick, John H.			
Funk, Martin			
Gower, James			
Greenawalt, Godfrey			
Griffin, John			
Hain, George			
Harding, Richard			
Harman, Robert		
Hickox, Lewis			
Hollabaugh, William			
Holland, Meredith			
Humelsene, D.W.			
Jenks, Thomas			
Jones, Benjamin			
Jones, Elias W.			
Jones, John			
Jones, Taylor			
Keen, John H.			
Keen, Joseph			
Keif, John			
Keltner, John		
Keyser, Alexander			
Kline, Frank G.			
Lauver, Daniel			
Lortz, Adam			
McCauley, Henry			
McClay, Jefferson			
McClintosh, John			
McDonough, John			
Mache, Nicholas			
Mackey, Charles W.			
Mahon, William B.			
Mealy, James			
Meekes, Samuel			
Merklin, Thomas			
Metz, Franklin			
Michaels, Wesley P.		
Miller, Henry			
Miller, Samuel			
Miller, William			
Moore, John T.			
Moorhead, David			
Morhead, Thomas			
Orr, John			
Peterson, John C.			
Pfarr, Leonard			
Pitman, Benjamin D.			
Porter, William H.			
Powman, George			
Rabine, George			
Reese, George			
Reese, Joram			
Riley, Dennis			
Roberts, Joseph			
Rogan, John			
Rogers, George W.		
Seaman, Charles H.			
Shaffer, John			
Shalzer, David			
Shaw, Daniel			
Shields, Thomas		
Shmale, William			
Shombre, John			
Shuman, James Y.			
Siders, William H.		
Spidle, Adam			
Stratton, Theophilus			
Thompson, James L.			
Tinklepaugh, W. H.			
Ulrich, Joseph F.			
Waters, James E.			
Watson, James			
Whitaker, George			
Wilt, Jacob			
Wilt, John			
Witman, Joseph			
Wolfe, Levi J.			
Wood, Seth W.			
Young, John			
Young, John S.			

108th Regiment - 11th Cavalry

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