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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Regiment, Company K

Recruited in Schuylkill and Wayne Counties, Pennsylvania

137th PA Regiment Co. K

Dennis McLaughlin

First Lieutenant
Henry S. Talmadge

Second Lieutenant
John Q. Humphrey

First Sergeant
Theodore Meyers

Henry Horncastle
John Crown
Thomas Brennan
Thomas J. Horan

Patrick Corcoran
Martin D. Langton
Henry Meyers
Michael Burns
Thomas Shimans
Charles Conners
James Donahoe

Avery, William
Avery, Jerry
Bell, Thomas A.
Billings, James H.
Bunts, Peter
Bracie, David
Brennan, James
Boyle, John
Bariger, William H.
Chambers, Robert B.
Commono, John
Cooley, Samuel R.
Coddington, James
Christian, E. P.
Colohan, Peter
Conner, John C.
Colihan, John P.
Crosly, Neal
Curran, Mannus
Cole, James R.
Conlan, James
Durkin, Thomas
Donahoe, Edward
Donahoe, Patrick
Ellsworth, William
Ferguson, Andrew
Farrell, Michael
Geer, Eldad
Gibson, Emmet
Gill, Daniel
Gallagher, Lanty
Hall, Frederick
Humphrey, Edward G.
Hannon, James
Healy, John
Harkins, John
Horan, Michael
Hemstead, William
Hathaway, Jesse
Hannon, John P.
Joice, Thomas
Jones, Elias
Knapp, Abram S.
Knight, Valentine
Kingsbury, David C.
King, Charles F.
Kelley, Patrick
Lester, George
Lester, Alton
Lord, Dionysius
Lord, Stephen
Lester, Charles
Langton, John
Lord, Wilson
Lord, Benjamin
Martin, David E.
Morgridge, George
Meredith, John S.
Monaghen, Bartholomew
Monaghen, Lawrence
Malarky, Rodger
McMannamen, O.
McBarron, John N.
McKeon, Edward
Naylor, Thomas
Ochs, John F.
Pendergrast, James
Price, Job
Peigh, Ellis
Taylor, William P.
Tyler, William
Treat, Joseph R.
Tighe, Michael
Weed, Edgar
Watson, Harvey
Wainright, Samuel
Wolf, Henry

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

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