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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundreth and Thirty-eighth Regiment, Company G

Recruited in Adams County, Pennsylvania

138th PA Regiment Co. G

James H. Walter
George W. Mullen

1st Lieutenant.
George W. Wilson

1st Sergeant
Nicholas G. Wilson

William Cline
Edward Detrick
David Slaybaugh
William A. Pitzer
Iuther T. Hoffman
Thomas E. Elden

William Reed
George Barchet
Amos B. Shank
Isaac E. Cook
Charles P. K. Walter
James A. McGrail
Henry C. Sadler
John C. Schriver
Amos Hoffman
D. H. Chronister
Amos F. Hummer
George A. Thoman

Isaiah B. Meals
David Herman

Bolen, William
Bender, Howard T.
Brame, William H.
Black, Michael F.
Bushey, Jacob
Blocher, Edward C.
Brame, Edwin
Beck, Joseph
Burton, Edward
Burton, George
Cook. Cyrus G.
Conrad, Henry G.
Corbet, Andrew
Camp, Charles F.
Cleaver, John C.
Crist, Isaiah B.
Crist, Cornelius B.
Ebert, Jesse
Eppleman, EMcl G.
Epplemnatn, Jonas
Freet. Jonas
Fohl, Martin
Ferree, Lake B.
Gilmore. Charles
Heller, Benjamin F
Hartzell, Daniel
Hankey, Jacob C.
Hummer, Abraham
Hartzell, Elias N.
Irwin, George W.
Johnson, Alfred D.
Jacobs, Benjamin F. K.
LKann, Howard W.
Klepper, Theodore
Kelly, Samuel
Klepper, Jacob
Liunah, Forrest
Little, Hiram D.
Linah, Quincy
Lornan. Charles
Livingston Alfred
Linebaugh, Henry
Meals, Amos
Melhorn, William F.
McKoughy, Isaac
Overholtzer, Theo.
Routzong, George W.
Starry, Amos
Sadler, William F.
Sarbaugh, Tom
Scott, John G.
Slaybaugh, John P.
Slagle, Charles.
Slaybaugh, Cornel's.
Stoner, David
Shultz, Jacob W..
Thomas, Amos R.
Toot, John
Weigle, Samuel M.
Walter, John A.
Walhey, Eliakim
Warren James
Walker, William J.
Wanke, Isaac
Warren George
Warren, Frederick
Ziegler, Henry

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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