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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Ninety-second Regiment, Company F

Recruited in Berks County, Pennsylvania

192nd PA Regiment Co. F

William H. Gray

First Lieutenant
William Cunningham

Second Lieutenant
James Byram

First Sergeant
George W. Dornan

Archibald Vansciver
William Galligher
William H. Ault
John F. Fleming

Frank H. Roberts
William P. Lawrence
George Hartman
Gustavus Greenhalph
Richard McLean
Ephraim Dalbey
Joseph Boyd   
Dominick Wunsch

Morris Flager    
John Snyder

Anderson, John
Brantes, Charles
Boston, William
Becker, Charles J.
Bird, Frederick  
Burgess, James
Britt, Patrick   
Beckman, Albert H.
Brehm, Andrew
Behmky, William
Burns, Stephen
Burns, John
Burns, Albert
Brown, Matthew
Baker, Joseph
Copeland, Thomas
Christy, William
Doberon, William
Deal, William P.
Dixon, Daniel
Davis, George
Dodwell, John
Fiss, Charles
Fryer, Thomas
Fadden, Edward J.
Garven, James
Galligher, David
Hendron, William
Haley, John
Himes, Benjamin
Haverstock, William T.
Hill, Nicholas
Hardy, Joseph
Heidman, Edward
Jones, William H.
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, William H.
Kessler, Samuel
Kealhofer, Edward
Lees, James
Lane, John
Linker, Joseph
Lange, Charles F.
Luther, Joseph H.
Moore, John
Moore, Thomas
Myres, John
Myres, Jacob
Morris, Robert
Morris, Washington
Marsden, Thomas
Martin, John
McQuinn, John
McNeal, William
McMain, Henry
McLaughlin, James
McGirr, Andrew D.
McKaigne, Isaac
McCullough, James
Mc'Fadden, James
Nichols, Joseph
Neenhold, Frederick
Peterson, Pascal  
Palmer, Alexander
Phillips, William
Pinkerton, William
Preston, Hunter
Preston, Wilbur  
Pross, Louis	
Pester, James	
Ristine, Louis    
Runser, Joseph  
Shaw, Joseph   
Shaw, Robert H.
Snyder, Theophilus
Smith, William  
Swain, Robert   
Sulton, William  
Shuster, Sylvester
Shields, Charles  
Thompson, John  
Truckenmiller, C.
Taylor, Samuel C.
Tinney, Mahlon
Wainwright, Thomas
Wetherill, Thomas
Wilkner, James 

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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