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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Two Hundred and Tenth Regiment, Company E

Recruited in Schuylkill and Columbia Counties, Pennsylvania

210th PA Regiment Co. E

John Cook

First Lieutenant
J. Milton Shuman

Second Lieutenant
William S. Morris

First Sergeant
Samuel Bower

Uriah W. Tiley
John R. Miller
Benjamin Haines
Isaac J. Wagner

Charles Wagner  
Charles P. Koch
Joseph E. Thomas
Edward Fletcher
Lawrence Rastatter
Michael Curley
Edward Reed
Louis Stolte
Martin M. L'Ve1le

Enos Bower
Elijah Bower

Burke, Patrick
Barrett, Mark
Blakely, Joseph
Betz, Henry C.
Buck, John C.
Barnes, James
Bye, John
Crawley, James
Clark, James
Colahan, Thomas
Davidson, Samuel
Daddow, Henry G.
Evans, Thomas E.
Evans, Jckson L.
Evans, Reese M.
Faux, Tillman   
Figgles, Charles  
Fisher, William T.
Frederick, George
Faust, Charles
Fletcher, Henry  
Ford, Thomas
Gensel, Jacob G.
Gartley, John    
Geiger, Nicholas  
Hart, A1exander 
Hussey, Thomas  
Hoffman, Reuben   
Hobbs, Michael  
Hoffman, Bently
Hyman, Bently
Hess, Silas
Hagenbuch, Abraham
Hetler, Hiram H.
Houseknecht, B. J.
Hall, James W   
Hinchcliffe, S. H. 
Haggerty, John
Irely, Joseph   
Johnson, Alexander
Johnson, Hugh   
Joyce,  John     
Koettnitz, Louis
Ke1ly, William H.
Krebs, Pharoah W.
Kane, Dennis
Kelly, James
Robbins, Levi
Rounds, Horace R.
Reed, David J.
Rochow, Adolph
Swartwout, William H.
Smith, John
Sissem, Charles A.
Staub, Henry H.
Smith, Thomas G.
Shattuck, John
Sanford, William R.
Snyder, James R.
Shipman, Andrew J.
Staub, Jacob J.
Swift, Andrew J.
Shurtz, Frank
Torrey, Nathan W.
Vangelder, Stephen
Wilt, George W.
Warner, Seth V.
Whitaker, Edward
Ward, John
Welch, Nicholas
Weddick, James
Yeatter, Andrew

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

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