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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Fifty-Second Regiment, Company K

Recruited in Luzerne and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania

52nd PA Regiment Co. K

John Jones, Jr.
John A. Hennessy

First Lieutenant
George A. Bass  
Henry A. Mott
George H. Sterling
Thomas Jordon

Second Lieutenant
David Moses

First Sergeant
Alva Dolph
William Sansom
William McClrue

Thomas Tiffany
Charles Rubeck
Evan Q. Thomas
John Unger
Demet's P. Parsons
Henry Morrow
William D. Weber
Hugh R. Crawford
Smith B. Mott
Henry P. Fonsman

George Forrester
John Jones
Charles Morrison
William Solfredge
Philip Setzer
John Oister
Charles Berglass
George Keyton
Henry Osiander
William Scott
John Roberts
Frank Vail
Charles Jackson

Allwen, John
Anderson, John W.
Brown, Patrick
Beck, George
Bailey, Minor K.
Bein, Bernard
Brock, Carle
Brennan, John
Burke, Patrick
Butler, John
Brennan, Patrick
Beavers, Michael
Butts, Abraham
Brennan, John
Bomgardner, Jacob
Bristoe, Charles
Bratton, John
Brown, Orwin E.
Carroll, John
Cleary, James
Compton, CleMcn B.
Cosier, Freeman
Carman, James
Colahan, Edward
Crisel, John
Donahue, Michael
Donahue, James
Donahue, Patrick
Dierr, John
Davis, John
Demmick, Harry
Delaney, James
Evans, Alfred
Elno, Charles
Evans, Levi
Farnand, Zenus N.
Feandry, Dominick
Fisher, Emanuel
Gibson, Lewis
Goodwin, William
Giles, Lawrence
Hall, Charles
Heron, William R.
Haight, Gideon
Hartman, Philip
Howe, Cyrus I.
Howe, Ephraim
Horan, James
Hilderbrand, Con
Hackett, Levi S.
Howells, John
Henninger, Michael
Hanna, David P.
Jones, Edmund
Jenkins, Edmund
Jeremiah, David
Kennedy, Michael
Kennedy, Henry
Kelly, Lewis
Kealy, Richard
Lanning, Nathaniel
Lewis, Henry
Lucky, Norman
Moyer, William
Mehling, William
May, John
Marcy, William
Millard, Solomon
Millard, Thomas
Montgomery, Joseph
Mason, William
Millard, George W.
Morrison, John J.
Miller, Clark
Murphy, Patrick
Meithling, Fred
McLane, Michael
McKinney, Robert
McNally, Michael
Nierman, George
Nelson, Thomas
Norman, Charles
O'Connell, Daniel
O'Donnell, Michael
O'Hara, Charles
O'Brien, Patrick
Parker, Edward
Peters, Charles
Peterson, Alex
Ripple, Ezra H.
Russell, Davis W.
Russell, Mifflin
Richards, William
Rapp, John A.
Riley, Mark
Ryan, Edward
Rauch, John
Scutt, Andrew
Smith, Theodore
Smith, William
Sears, Josiah
Sears, Reuben
Sears, Oliver
Sears, Samuel
Smith, Thomas G.
Soop, John
Saxton, Gilbert
Smith, Chester
Schremser, Joseph
Schnell, William
Timmens, Charles
Tolbert, William
Tripp, Theodore F.
Vangorder, James
Vanauker, John P.
Woods, James
Woods, John
Weber, Frank
Wenrich, John
Welsh, Patrick
Walker, Ackley
Watchler, George
Warner, Hamilton
Westfall, Eri D.
Williams, James
Weisgarber, Charles
Wilson, George
Willing, Henry
Woods, James
Yaple, Amandus
Youse, Marcus

Source: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Civil War Databases

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