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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred Thirty-third Regiment, Company A

133rd Regiment
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Recruited in Cambria County, Pennsylvania

133rd PA Regiment Co. A

Abraham Kopelin (Pro).
John Downey		

1st Lieutenant
Powell Stackhouse	 

2nd Lieutenant
John B. Hay 	

1st Sergeant
James A. Kenlv	

James M. Duncan	 
J. Speer Orr	           
George Barclay	
Theophilus L. Heyer   

David G. McGloughlin	
Daniel Fitzpatrick		
William Slack			
George C. Fisher.		
William R. Jones.		
Thomas P. Hill		
Nathaniel W. Brown		
Casper W. Easley		
Oberlin M. Ramsey	(Pro)	

David Davis			
James P. Armbrush		

Isaac Beninger			


Arentrue, Williaim 
Akers, John B.
Beninger, John
Beninger, Andrew
Benshoff, Daniel
Bowers, William
Boyer, Leonard
Bouser, George L.
Bouser, Isaac B.
Brooks, William B.
Brown, Robert H.
Buck, Lewis W.
Berket, Daniel
Campbell Thomas
Carroll, Anthony
Cassiday, Edward
Christang, John
Cramer, Isaac
Condon, Jacob F.
Cottell, Jacob
Davis, Owen W.
Deets, Charles
Douglass, William M.
Edwards, David J.
Eldridge, James
Eldridge, John
Fockler, Jacob
Folsom, Jacob M.
Geer, James H.
Goberth, Frederick
Goughour, David
Hale, Solomon
Helsell, Hiram
Horton, Joseph M.
Hudson, David 
Hudson, Josiah
Hudson, John
Hopkins, William
Karns, George W.
Kelse, Frederick
Keelan, Bennard
King, George M.
King, Dorsey
Korh, Frank
Kountz, George W.
Kountz, Channcey F.
King, William
Lemon George
Levergood, William H. 
Lightner, Jacob
Lewis, Morris
Montgomery, Alexander 
Metzbaugh, George W.
Metzgar, Harry
Miller, Elias W.
McCreary, Paul
McClelland, Frank B.
Orris, Joseph
Peck, William
Price, John
Pringle, Jordan
Purdey, Robert
Reese, Caradoce
Royer, John L.
Saylor, George A.
Scritchfield, Hesikiah
Schryhock, Frank
Singleton, Samuel
Spade, John
Thomas, William J.
Taylor, Thomas
Watkins, John
When, Lewis
Wilson, Smiley S.
Wineland, Daniel St. C.
Williams, Jarrett
Williams, William H.
Williams, John
Wilson, David A.

Roster Source: PA State Archives, Harrisburg, PA
Records Group-19, 14-4035 carton 81.

Roster Source: J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope, History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches (Phila.: Louis H. Everts, 1881)

133rd Regiment

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