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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred Thirty-third Regiment, Company D

133rd Regiment
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Recruited in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

133rd PA Regiment Co. D

Edward M Schrock	Captain
Amos Schrock		Captain

William Ritchie	1st Lieutenant.
Henry Haller		1st Lieutenant.

Hosea Hudson		2nd Lieutenant

Simon Walker	        1st Sergeant
Chancy A. Brant     	1st Sergeant

Samuel D. Boyd		Sergeant
Martin Shank		Sergeant
Joseph Baldin		Sergeant
James B. Crop		Sergeant
George Geisle		Sergeant

John Lentz		Corporal
Jacob W. Humbert	Corporal
James Haney		Corporal
Sylvester Wambach	Corporal
Frederick Koonts	Corporal
Joseph Lambert		Corporal
Aaron Layton		Corporal
Jacob P. Miller		Corporal

Abraham Brant		Musician
Jacob Ross		Musician

PrivateAtchinson, Daniel

Brant, Jefferson
Burket, Franklin
Burket, Levi
Bridegum, Andrew

Coleman, Anamas
Crissy, John
Crichfield, Samuel

Deremer, William
Dickens, Thomas
Domer, John
Dively, William C.

Finecy, Joshua
Flegle Jeremiah
Flegle, Martin

Grove, Martin
Grouden, Samuel

Hartman, Jeremiah
Hinemyre, Charles
Husband, Johnson
Hafer, William E.
Herring, John A.
Hegner, Cornelius

Jones, William

Keim, Jonas
Keim, Noah G.
Keller, Jacob
Kircher, John
Kraft, Henry

Lambert, Henry
Lee, Henry W.
Lint, Daniel
Litsinger, Albert
Lohr, George
Lohr, John
Luts, Francis M.

Manges, Franklin
Miller, Moses

Miller, Peter
Manges, Ephraim
McKreger, Jacob

Nangle, Henry

Ohler, John M.

Pew, James L.

Pringle, Jacob W.

Raily, Daniel
Riceling, Cornelius
Ringler, Peter
Reed, John

Shank, Joseph
Sipe, Jacob
Smith, Albert
Sorber, Jonathan
Spangler, Edward F.
Spangler, Edward D.
Spangler, Jefferson
Spangler, John
Spangler, Edward B.
Shure, John
Shults, Jonas
Shellhorn, William

Tresler, Jeremiah

Wagner, David
Wagner, Alfred
Wagner, Joseph
Wagner, Peter J.
Wagner, Wells
Wergle, Jacob
Will, Daniel
Will, Jefferson

Yoder, Jonas
Youler, Cyrus

Zerfos, Anthony

Roster Source: PA State Archives, Harrisburg, PA
Records Group-19, 14-4035 carton 81.Contributed by Marcia Fronk

133rd Regiment

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