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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred Thirty-third Regiment, Company C

133rd Regiment
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Recruited in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

133rd PA Regiment Co. C

COMPANY C, 133rd PA Reg.

Alexander Bobb		Captain

John C. Hawman		1st Lieutenant.

Samuel D. Williams 	2nd Lieutenant
George Ashcom, Jr.	2nd Lieutenant

James J. Barndollar	1st Sergeant

Cyrus Madden 		Sergeant
Samuel Langdon		Sergeant
Simon P. Lewis		Sergeant
John L. Fletcher	Sergeant
James Carnell		Sergeant

Adam Fulton		Corporal
William Nycum		Corporal
Joseph R. Sprout	Corporal
William H. Hanks	Corporal
David W. Jones		Corporal
William Derno		Corporal
Jonathan B. Edwards	Corporal

James B. Butts		Musician
James A. Shade		Musician


Armstrong, J. M.

Barndollar, M. D.
Benner, Samuel B.
Barndollar, J. W.
Blankley, Job
Bayer, George M.
Burget, Isaac
Brown, William P.
Barndollar, James E.

Castner, Jacob
Chamberlain, Joseph
Carson, Daniel
Cooper, Joshua H.
Daugherty, J. W.
Elder, Daniel S.
Evans, George W.

Fisher, John W.
Fisher, Henry H.
Figart, David
Foster, Joseph E.
Fareman, William
Fluck, Porter

Gates, John W.
Gogley, Jacob
Gogley, James H.
Gallaker, Edward

Hanks, Albert B.
Heltzell, David S.
Horton, Jonathan A.

Imler, Adam

Justlee, Edward
Johnson,John W.

Kochendarfer, J. Z.
Keagy, Samuel
Kauffman, David

Lysinger, John

Lucas, Joshua T.
Longenecker, J. S.

Malone, John S.
Miller, Jacob B.
Miller, Jacob W.
Meloy, John L.
Mock, Mathias
Mock, Harrison
Morse, Morgan
Mentzer, Jacob M.
McDaniel, Lewis
McDaniel, George W.
McDaniel, Daniel
McCullip, Alexander

Nevit, James M.

Osborne, William
Over, Benjamin

Protherow, David
Price, Daniel
Peek, Jesse
Potter, John
Perrin, John

Roy, James
Reed, Thomas
Riffle, Cyrus
Richter, Adam
Ritchey, Adam S.
Ramsey, Alexander

Swank, George W.
Scutchall, John
Smith, Jacob W.
Stoudenour, William
Stoner, Joshua
Skillington, Robert M.
Swainey, David Ray Porter
Staily, George E.
Scutchall, Samuel

Taylor, John W.

Van Horn, John M.

Wilkinson, William
Williams, Charles
Wertz, Henry
Whittaker, Jonathan
Whited, David L.

Roster Source: PA State Archives, Harrisburg, PA
Records Group-19, 14-4035 carton 81.Contributed by Marcia Fronk

133rd Regiment

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