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Civil War History in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, PA

PA Civil War Soldiers of Pine Grove, Schuylkill County

Biographical Notes, 1841-1916, of Pine Grove, Pa


The Pine Grove Infantry was organized in 1842; was composed of 40 members; was commanded by Capt. Israel Reinhard; disbanded in 1846.

In 1848 the Pine Grove Artillery Company was organized by Capt. Daniel Kitzmiller; he had been in the regular army; served under Gen. Scott in the Seminole Indian war; was disbanded 1851.

The Pinegrove Light Infantry

was organized in the Spring of 1858 with following members:
Captain, George Reed served in Civil War.
Lieutenant H. H. Bechtel, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Lieutenant, George Wagenseller.
Surgeon, J. D. Drehrer.
Sergeant, W. Barr, enlisted April, 21 1861.
Sergeant, George Harvey.
Sergeant, William Huber.
Sergeant, William Bright, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Corporal, William Bonwitz, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Corporal, Peter Rump, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Corporal, Jerome Ney, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Corporal, Philip Keely, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Private Paul H. Barr, enlisted April 21, 1861.
Private John Batdorf,
Private George Batdorf
Nicholas Brenner.
George Bretz enlisted in Apr 21, 1861.
Michael Bretzius
Christian Dilley.
William Brenner enlisted April, 21, 1861
Henry Feger enlisted April, 1861
Alfred Gebhart
Edward Heisler enlisted April 21, 1861
Jacob Huber, Jr., enlisted April 21, 1861.
Edward Heckman enlisted April 21, 1861.
Washington Huber
John Garman
Edward Keefer
Philip Landenberger
Irvin Loeser, enlisted April 21, 1861
Henry Lengle
Isaac Moyer
Gregory Rothmond enlisted April 21 1861
George Schnept enlisted April 21 1861
David Spangler enlisted April 21, 1861
Israel Spancake enlisted April 21, 1861
Jacob Snyder enlisted April 21 1861
Thomas Swartz enlisted April 21 1861
Thomas Seibert enlisted April 21, 1861
Aaron Stees enlisted April 21, 1861
William Thomas
Joseph Thomas
Caleb Wheeler enlisted April 21, 1861.
Henry Yeager enlisted April 21, 1861.
H. Harrison Whead enlisted April 26, 1861.

10th Regiment, P. A. V.
Out of a membership of 46, 26 formed the nucleus of Company D, 10th Regiment, in three months call of 75,000 men.
Muster roll of Co. D, 10th Regiment, P. A. V., under call of 75000 men for three months.
Captain, H. H. Bechtel.
1. Lieutenant, J. W. Barr.
2. Lieutenant, P. A. Filbert.
1. Sergeant, Ezra W. Mathew.
2. Sergeant, Philip Keely.
2. Sergeant, Caleb Wheeler.
4. Sergeant, Lewis Lookingbill.
1. Corporal, Jacob Kreider.
2. Corporal, William Bonawitz.
2. Corporal, Jerome Ley.
4. Peter Rump.
Musician, Israel Spancake.
Musician, William Lehman.
1. Private, Joseph Allison.
2. Private, Paul H. Barr.
3. Private, Bernard Brook.
4. Private, William Bright.
5. Private, Robert Byers.
6. Private, Daniel Bretz
7. Private, George Bretz
8. Private, Daniel Britigam
9. Private, William Brenner
10. Private, Daniel Brown
11. Private Marcus Dry
12. Private, Fredrick Dutter.
13. Private, William H. Filbert.
14. Private, Henry Fry.
15. Private, George Fritz.
16. Private, John Fox. 17. Private, Henry Feger.
18. Private, William Grove.
19. Private, Aaron Greenawalt.
20. Private, George Goodman.
21. Private, George Heckman.
22. Private, Henry Feger.
23. Private, William Grove.
24. Private, Aaron Greenawalt.
25. Private, George Goodman.
26. Private, Edward Heckman.
27. Private, Edward Heisler.
28. Private, Jacob Huber, Jr.
29. Private, John Harvey.
30. Private, Adam Hand.
31. Private, Joseph Harmon.
32. Private, David Harrigan.
33. Private, Frederick Harmer.
34. Private, Henry G. Krise.
35. Private, Bernard Kamgit.
36. Private, George Kile.
37. Private, Samuel Lehman.
38. Private, Irvin Loeser.
39. Private, Franklin C. Muttard.
40. Private, Joseph Morehiser.
41. Private, Samuel G. Miller.
42. Private, Harrison Manwiller.
43. Private, James Manwiller.
44. Private, Frank Moore.
45. Private, Goegory Rothmond
46. Private, Henry Reinoehl
47. Private, David Reeder
48. Private, David Spangler
49. Private, Ephriam Schrope
50. Private, Peter Smeltzer
51. Private, Thomas Swartz
52. Private, Thomas Seibert
53. Private, Aaron Stees
54. Private, Fredrick Schrope
55. Private, Jacob Snyder
56. Private, Amos Stine
57. Private, George Schnepp
58. Private, John Sherres
59. Private, Gotleib Schiveller
60. Private, John Schuler
61. Private, William Lick
62. William Wetzel, Sr.
63. Fredrick Wigline
64. Peter Weaver
65. William Wolverton
66. Samuel Weiler
67 Private, Henry Yeager, died at Chambersburg.
68 Private, Peter C. Zeluft.
69 Private Andrew Zimmerman

127th Regiment The following Pine Grove men served in Company K, 127th Regiment:
Second Lieutenant, J. W. Barr, was promoted from Private to second Sergeant.
Henry Feger
Benjamin Goebell
Edward Heckman taken prisoner at Fredericksburg.
Christian Hay wounded at Fredericksburg.
Elias Hautz wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg.
Frank Klare
George Lengle.
Amos Lehman
Charles Minning wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862.
Joseph Thomas

129th Regiment The following Pine Grove men served in Co. H 129th Regiment, Pa.:
First Lieutenant, William Lerch.
Private George Lerch died in Md., 1862.
Private Charles Eck.
Private Franklin Bucher:
Private George W. Barr.
Private Lewis H. Gorgas
Private William Grove.
PrivateHenry Lerch.
Private Richard Shoener.
Private Simon Uhler.

16th Cavalry The following men from Pine Grove served in 16th Pa., Cavalry:
Henry Baylor.
Casper Bufflap
J. W. Barr.
Edward Barr.
Robert Enis.
John Hall.
Hiram Kimmel.
George Lengle.
Michael Mease.
Isaac Moyer.
David Roeder.
Ephriam Schrope.
Lewis Shartel
Nathan Wagner.

107th Regiment Men from Pine Grove enlisted in company G, 107 Regiment.
Philip Keely prisoner in Andersonville from August 19, 1862 to 1865.
Samuel Lehman was a prisoner.
John Lehr wounded at Gettysburg.
Harrison Manwiller.
George Huber.
Henry Heckler
Henry Hoy wounded. Taken Prisoner from 1864 to 1865 at Andersonville.
David Reed died in Province Salisbury, N. C.
Christian Schneck
William Sterner.
Frederick Schneck
Captain P. A. Filbert was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

96th Regiment Muster roll of Company B, 96th Regiment.
Captain P. A. Filbert was Pro. Lieutenant Colonel.
1. Lieutenant, Ernest T. Ellrich killed at, Gaines Hill, June 27, 1862.
2. Lieutenant, Levi Huber, promoted to Major.
1. Sergeant, John Van Holland, promoted to Captain.
2. Sergeant, Lewis Lookingbill, promoted to second Lieutenant
3. Sergeant, Charles Shoemaker.
4. Sergeant, John Schwess.
5. Sergeant, Paul H. Barr, wounded at Spottsylvania
1. Corporal, David Huber.
2. Corporal, Jacob Geier
3. Corporal Frederick A. Snyder, wounded at Spotsylvania.
4. Corporal F. Umbenham, killed at Spottsylvania.
5. Corporal Daniel Bonawitz, killed at Spottsylvania.
6. Corporal Charles J. Shoemaker.
7. Corporal, John Sweers
8. Corporal, Erastmus W. Red.
Musician, William Lehman,
James W. Zulick,
1. Private, Joseph Bauer.
2. Private, Thomas A. Brown.
3. Private, John Brinkback.
4. Private, Peter Barr transferred to U. S. Artillery, May 7, 1863.
5. Private, William Britton
6. Private, Andrew Bucher, killed at Spottsylvania, May 7, 1863.
7. Private, Michael Blecker, died at Alexander.
8. Private, Jacob Bart.
9 . Private, William Clemens.
10. Private, Jacob Christ
11. Private, Manlove Clifton.
12. Private, Charles Chaundy, died June 1862.
13. Private, Alexander Dubbs.
14. Private, Victor Dubbs.
15. Private, August Droselk.
16. Private, Joseph Eick.
17. Private, Henry Eckler, died June 1862.
18. Private, Irvin Fessler
19. Private, William Filbert
20. Private, Joseph Fisher
21. Private Henry Farst
22. Private Henry A. Fry
23. Private Joseph Fessler killed at Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863.
24. Private, Reuben Fertig.
25. Private, Richard H. Goebell.
26. Private, John Grossen
27. Private, John Hornish.
28. Private, Nicholas Gross.
29 Private, Jacob L. Huber, captured in prison in Bell Plane.
30 Private Franklin Harvey
31 Private, John Harvey
32 Private, Reuben Kerschner
33 Private Joseph Keeler
34. Private, Jacob A. Keffer, killed at Spottsylvania.
35. Private, William Kurtz died at Alexander, 1862.
36. Private, James Keesey
37. Private, George Laugnbeln.
38. Private, William Leffler
39. Private, Bernard Litman
40. Private, Mathew Lambert
41 Private, John Lewis
42 Private, Jacob Minning
43 Private, William Mangold, died of wound at received at Spottsylvania.
44 Private, Solomon Moyer
45. Private, Henry Miller
46. Private, Charles Miller
47. Private, John Miller
48. Private, Daniel Martin
49. Private, Joseph Minning
50. Private, Joseph Morehiser.
51. Private, George Nagle, died Jan. 4, 1864.
52. Private, Henry Oerther.
53. Private, Maurice Ortrick
54. Private, Israel Reed
55. Private, Erasmus Reed
56. Private, John Reed wounded at Spotsylvania.
57. Private, Peter Redinger
58. Private, George Rainer.
59. Private, Joseph Sterner.
60. Private, Henry Sterner killed at Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863.
61. Private, Jeremiah Sterner wounded at Spottsylvania.
62. Private, William Shirk
63. William B. Snyder
64. Private, Frederick E. Stees
65. Private, Jacob B. Snyder
66. Private, Christian Seibert
67. Private, Joseph Swartz
68. Private, Charles Thomas
69. Private, William Lovey
70. Private, Francis Vaughan
71. Private, Jacob Warner wounded at Spottsylvania.
72. Private, Charles Williams
73. Private, Alfred Wike died in Andersonville, June 30,1864.
74. Private, John Wetzle.
75. Private, Levi Wolf died 1862
76. Private, Augusta Wolf
77. Private, Henry Zimmerman

The following in Company G, 173 Pa. Militia:
Captain Levi Christ
1. Lieutenant, George K. Reed.
2. Lieutenant, George W. Zimmerman
1. Sergeant, Isaiah Brown
2. Sergeant, Henry Reinoehl.
3. Sergeant, Daniel K. Reed.
4. Sergeant, Josiah Reichert.
5. Sergeant, David Rader.
1. Corporal, David Christ.
2. Corporal, William Porter.
3. Corporal, George Batdorf.
4. Corporal, Abram Yoder.
5. Corporal, John Humpsel.
6. Corporal, Absalom Hain.
7. Corporal, William Fehr.
8. Corporal, Michael Kantner.
Musician, Lewis Nocher.
1 Private William Begner.
2. Private John Benihoff.
3. Private Christian Behney.
4. Private Amos Behney.
5. Private Casper Bufflap.
6. Private George Bensing.
7. Private Charles Becker.
8. Private David Bridegan.
9. Private Amos Brown.
10. Private William H. H. Bartlet
11. Private George Cressman.
12. Private Thomas Creary.
13. Private Emanuel Christ.
14. Private Benady Derr.
15 Private John Eckler.
16. Private Jacob Ealy.
17. Private John Eyman.
18. Private Frank M. Emsrig
19. Private, William Freeman
20. Private John Fessler
21. Private Jonathan Freeman
22. Private William Fegley
23. Private Elias Fidler
24. Private Frederick Grivil
25. Private James Gamble.
26. Private Reuben Huber.
27 Private Jacob Hessenberger.
28. Private David Heimbach.
29. Private William S. Hubler
30. Private Simon Hellig
31. Private Absalom Hubler
32. Private John Kirn
33. Private William R. Kramer
34. Private John Kershner
35. Private Jona M. Kramer
36. Private Daniel Klick.
37. Private Henry King.
38. Private Henry Kramer.
39. Private John F. Kramer.
40. Private Jacob Kobauch
41. Private John Leffler.
42. Private George W. Long.
43. Private John Llewellyn.
44. Private Isaac Milleric.
45. Private John Metzler.
46. Private Jacob Metzler.
47. Private John Miller.
48. Private Philip Moyer.
49. Private William Minicher.
50. Private Jacob G. Martin.
51. Private David Newhart.
52. Private Aaron Owens.
53. Private Joseph Paxson.
54. Private George Ponce.
55. Private Elias Rhine.
56. Private B. Raber.
57. Private Lewis Reichert.
58. Private Charles Riglin.
59. Private Jonathan K. Raber.
60. Private Samuel B. Riland.
61. Private Samuel Shaffer.
62. Private John Sattizahn
63. Private Benjamin Snyder
64. Private Thomas Sotzin
65. Private Henry Schrope
66. Private James Spangler
67. Private Franklin Schropp
68. Private William Shaffer
69. Private William C. Schneck.
70. Private William Sknoke
71. Private Simon P. Snyder
72. Private Elias Sowers
73. Private John Warner
74. Private William Wenrich
75. Private Henry Weltermult
76. Private Henry Wagner
77. Private Joseph Wagner
78. Private Joseph Worth

39th Regiment P. A. Filbert was Major of the 39th Regiment
Muster Roll Co. H, 39th Regiment, Pa. Militia.

Capt J. W. Barr
1. 1st lieutenant David Thompson.
2. 2nd lieutenant William Lerch.
1. 1st Sergt. Philip Keely.
2. 2nd Sergt. Abraham Mengle.
3. 3rd Sergt. James M. Rohrer.
4. 4th Sergt. Caleb Wheeler.
5. 5th Sergt. James K. Neal.
1. 1st Corp. George Miller.
2. 2nd Corp. George W. Thompson.
3. 3rd Corp. Jacob Snyder.
4. 4th Corp. Theophilus Lewis.
5. 5th Corp. James T. Kendall.
6. 6th, Corp. Josiah Stees.
7. 7th Corp. William Shirk.
8. 8th Corp. Tillman Miller.
Musician John Jones.
Musician Andrew Snyder.
1. Private Daniel Achenbach.
2. Private Frederick Alvord.
8. Private Daniel Bailor.
4. Private Michael, Bretzius.
5. Private David Brenner.
6. Private Rudolf Bartel.
7. Private Theophilus Benjamin.
8. Private John Barr.
9. Private John Bonawitz, Jr.
10. Private Frederick Brown.
11. Private Samuel Clark.
12. Private John Davis.
13. Private Michael Duff
14. Private William Evans.
15. Private Henry Faust.
16. Private John Fegley.
17. Private James Fuller.
18. Private Adam Feller.
19. Private James Grammel.
20. Private John Henricks
21. Private Eamuel Henricks.
22. Private Jacob Huber, Sr.
23. Private Andrew Huber.
24. Private Francis Huber.
25. Private J. William Harvey.
26. Private William Hughes.
27. Private Henry Ham.
28. Private Bennevill Hautz.
29. Private Isaac Hand
30. Private John Hummell.
31. Private Benjamin James
32. Private Nelson Knapp.
33. Private George Keeny.
34. Private William Kyle
35 Private Ephriam Knipe.
36. Private David Lewis.
37. Private Edward Lewis.
38. Private Peter Miller.
39. Private Jonathan Miller.
40. Private Augustus Manwiller.
41. Private Thomas Morgan.
42. Private George McClenlen.
43. Private Henry Moyer.
44. Private George Noll.
45. Private John Ney
46. Private Archibold Philips
47. Private William Philips
48. Private William Parry.
49. Private Jacob Reese.
50. Private Andrew J. Reed.
51. Private Daniel Reed.
52. Private Jacob Rehrer.
53. Private Peter Rump.
54. Private Israel Ream.
55. Private Henry Rowe.
56. Private Jacob Rahn.
57. Private William Rager
58. Private Edward Shartel.
59. Private George Stahl.
60. Private Francis Spatzer.
61. Private David Thomas
62. Private Isaac Tryon.
63. Private William Thomson;
64. Private Jacob Updegraph.
65. Private John Updegraph,
66. Private Daniel Updegraph.
67. Private Robert White.
68. Private John Wolf.
69. Private Jacob Wolf.
70. Private Peter Wolf.

8th Regiment, N. G. Pa. Company H, 8th Regiment, N. G. Pa. was organized Jan. 9, 1877, with the following officers:
Capt. G. W. Channell,
1st. lieutenant J. W. Barr,
2nd lieutenant J. P. Earnest.

In the riots in July the company served at Pittsburg, 1877. In the month of June, 1881, the company was transferred to the 4th Regiment as Company G.

1st Pa. Artillery, 43rd Regiment Reserves.
Captain Ezra W. Mathew was promoted to Major.
Capt. L. Eugean was promoted from Private to Captain.
Ephraim Uhler.
Oliver Goldman.
Harry D. Barr.
William Umbenhauer.
George A. Lerch, First Defender.
Frank Deihl, Co. F, 31st Regt.
George Rice, 25th Regiment and 26th.
Jacob Haas, Co. F 3rd Regiment Pa. Artillery.
Simon Bordlemay, 1st Battery Pa. Artillery.
Levi Adam Co. F, 93rd Regiment
William Carver, Co. D, 93rd Regiment
Nelson Knapp, Co. C, 93rd Regiment
George Smeltzer, Co. C, 93rd Regiment
Aaron Strupenhauer, Co. F, 93rd Regiment

The following served in Co. H, 21st Regiment Cavalry:
Henry Feger.
Jeremiah Lehman.
Cyrus Schucker.
William B. Snyder.
William Grove.
I. William Harvey.
Amos Shuey died of wound received at Ameli Co. H.
George W. Barr.
William Snyder.
Edward Heckman.
Sherman R. Lerch.
Reuben Barto, Co. B, 26th P. A. M.
Adam I. Reed, Co. C, 39th P. A. M.
Ephraim Knipe, Co, A, 46th P. A. Regiment

7th Cavalry
Frederick Shrope, Co. A, 7th Cavalry.
Peter Miller, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Daniel Baylor, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Henry Huber, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Andrew W. Huber, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Tillman Miller, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Henry Moore, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Henry Reinoehl, Co. G, 7th Cavalry.
Jacob Rehrer, Co. G, 7th Cavalry. Civil War Databases

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