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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirteenth Cavalry, One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment, Company F

Recruited from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

13th Cavalry, 117th PA Regiment Co. F

Gotleib Ade Pvt 18650219 died Washington DC bur Loudon Park Nat Cem., Baltimore, MD
John Allen Pvt 18630615 prison till 7/3/1863
Jacob S. Altar Sgt
Ignatius T. Ardary Sgt 18640725 died Andersonville GA
Samuel A. Ayres Pvt 18631012 capt Jefferson VA, died Richmond VA
Charles Bates Pvt 18621216
Solomon Baughey Pvt 18630226 prison till 3/7/1863
John M. Beaverson Pvt
Giles E. Beers Pvt 18640705 bur New Haven CT
John W. Beetem Pvt 18630615 prison till 8/2/1863
Cassius M. Bentz Pvt
Alexander Betts Pvt 18640929 18650122 capt Wyatts Farm VA died Salisbury NC or Florence SC
Isaac Bortz Pvt 18630226 prison till 3/7/1863
D. Bowermaster Pvt not on muster out roll
Peter D. Bricker Capt 18640929 to Bvt Maj then Capt, capt Wyatts Farm absent on detached service at muster out
Philip Brown Pvt
John Bruner Pvt
William Bumbaugh Pvt
James Campbell Pvt 18640811 bur Andersonville GA, grave 5,375
Elijah H. Clark Pvt 18621012
Alexander Clelan Pvt 18621216 deserted, returned 4/25/1865
Hiram C. Clemm Pvt 18630116
Davis Clemson Pvt
Peter Coulter Pvt
Henry C. Cramer Pvt 18630410
Henry Darr Pvt
Jacob B. Dock 1st Sgt promo fm Q.M.Sgt
William H. Doud Pvt 18630615 prison till 7/3/1863
Alfred Duncan Pvt transferred out of regiment
William H. Eberts Pvt
John F. Eisenhower Pvt 18640929 18650115 capt Wyatts Farm VA, died Salisbury NC
John B. Elliott Corp 18630617 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 2,105.  Andersonville # 12105
Stuart R. Everill Corp promo to Corporal
Charles Fenicle Corp 18630916 capt, died Richmond VA bur National Cem., sec B, div 3, grave 13
Edwin W. Fenicle Pvt
John Fenicle Pvt
Patrick Finnegan Pvt
James Floyd Corp promo to Corp
William Flysher Pvt
George Forney Pvt 18631012 18640704 capt Jefferson VA, died Andersonville GA grave 2,855.  Andersonville # 14853
John Franklin Pvt
Solomon French Pvt 18640611 wd Trevillian Station VA
Philip Garner Pvt 18640929 18650211 capt Wyatts Farm VA, died Salisbury NC
John F. Gettys Pvt 18631012 18640310 capt Jefferson VA, died Richmond VA
George W. Graham Sgt 18630609 killed Piedmont Station VA bur Newville, Cumberland Co., PA
Jacob A. Graham Capt promo from 1st Lieutenant
Benjamin D. Halem Pvt 18630228 died Winchester VA
Andie Hall Pvt
Daniel Hallman Corp promo to Corp
Levi Hallman Pvt
Jared S. Harding Pvt 18640528 wd Hawes Shop VA
James T. Harris Pvt
Peter Harrison Pvt 18620825
Adam J. Hartzell Com Sgt 18640929 promo fm Sgt, prison till 2/22/1865
Reuben F. Hartzler Pvt discharged by surgeon
George Hawes Pvt 18630606
Alexander Hayes Pvt transferred out of regiment
Stephen W. Hays Pvt to 2nd Lieutenant Co C, 178th Rgmt P.D.M.
John N. Heckerman Pvt 18640214 killed Brentsville VA bur Chambersburg PA
John D. Hemphill Pvt
Robert C. Hemphill Com Sgt
William Herring Pvt
Hiram Hoover Pvt 18630116
David F. Horner Corp 18640705 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 2,916.  Andersonville # 12916
Peter Huntsberger Pvt 18640929 18650116 capt Wyatts Farm VA, died Salisbury NC
Thomas J. Husler Pvt
Samuel A. Irwin Pvt
Thomas James Pvt
John C. Johnson Pvt not on muster out roll
John M. Jones Pvt 18630615 prison till 7/8/1863
William D. Kauffman Pvt 18631012 18640918 capt Jefferson VA, died Andersonville GA grave 9,094.  Andersonville # 19094
Peter Keefauver Pvt discharged by surgeon
Fulton F. Kelso Q.M.Sgt promo from Com Sgt
James A. Kelso Pvt 18630615 18631017 capt Winchester VA bur Nat Cem., Belle Isle
James Kline Pvt 18630706
Henry E. Lane Pvt 18621012
John Laughlin Sgt 18640528 promo fm Corp, wounded Hawes Shop VA
Samuel M. Lay Pvt transfer to Vet Res Corps 9/20/1864
James Lewis Pvt 18640929 prisoner till 3/2/1865
Sylvester J. Linn Sgt is Sylvester T. Linn in another place.
Henry E. Lutz Pvt
William H. Lutz Corp promo to Corp
William Malvy Pvt
James M. Mamford Pvt transfer to 87th Reg PA Vol, April 1864
William Maybury Sgt 18631012 promo fm Corp, prison till 3/21/1864
John S. Mayhugh Pvt 18650520
James McBeth Pvt 18640929 capt Wyatts Farm VA
Robert H. McElhaney Corp promo to Regimental Commissary Sgt
David W. McKinney Corp 18630203 died Newburg, Cumberland Co., PA
George H. Melvy Pvt 18620828
Joseph Mendenhall Pvt transfer to Vet Res Corps, date unknown
Lewis Mier Pvt 18640929 capt Wyatts Farm, died Salisbury NC
George Miller Pvt
William H. Miller Bugler 18630617 died Winchester VA
William A. Moudy Pvt
John Myers Pvt
William North Blacksmith
David R. Null Corp absent on detached service at muster out
Henry C. Pilgrim Corp promo to Corp
Charles D. Rager Pvt
Henry D. Rager Pvt 18640528 wd Hawes Shop VA, transf V.R.C. 11/20/64
Peter Reed Pvt
Thomas Reeder Pvt
James Riley Pvt
David E. Robison Pvt
James Rogers Pvt 18630608
John Rotes Pvt 18630606
Joseph Rudy Corp 18641008 capt, died Andersonville GA Andersonville # 21147
John Sailor 2nd Lieutenant 18640624 fm 1st Sgt, then 1st Lieutenant, pris to 2/22/65
William H. Sanders Pvt
S. P. Shannessey Pvt 18650520 dishonorable discharge
Joseph M. Shatto Corp promo to Corp
Daniel S. Sheaffer Pvt 18631012 18640812 capt Jefferson VA, died Andersonville GA grave 5,411.  Andersonville # 15411
John Shiver Pvt
Alfred Shugars Pvt
Anson Smith Sgt 18650107 died Washington DC
George H. Smith Pvt
Joseph F. Smith Corp promo to Corporal
Philip C. Smith Saddler 18630615 prison till 7/3/1863
David S. Snyder Pvt
John Snyder Pvt 18631012 18640310 capt Jefferson VA, died Richmond VA
S. A. Sollenberger Sgt promo to Regimental Commissary Sgt
Samuel Speese Capt resigned 7/20/1863
James Y. Stuart Pvt
John Stucks Pvt 18640216
Abram Stump Blacksmith 18630615 prison till 7/3/1863
Franklin Taylor Pvt 18631012 capt Jefferson VA
Ferdinand Thomas Pvt 18640611 killed Trevillian Station VA
A. R. Thompson Pvt transf to Signal Corps, 11/11/1863
Samuel J. Thompson Pvt 18630620
Henry Turner Pvt
James D. Underwood Pvt 18630620
John Varner Pvt discharged by surgeon
Mitchell Watt Pvt 18650413 killed near Raleigh NC
Moses Waugh Pvt 18640624 wd St Marys Church VA
Isaac Wault Pvt
John Weary Pvt commissioned 2nd Lieutenant
Frank Weasner Pvt 18650813 bur Cypress Hill Cem., Long Island, NY
George W. Weaver Pvt
Josiah C. White Pvt
John Wiley Pvt
William C. Wiley Pvt
Charles Wilson Pvt 18630606
Charles P. Wilson Pvt 18620825
Jacob E. Witter Sgt promo fm Corp
George Wolf Pvt discharged by surgeon
Franklin Womer Pvt
James S. Woodburn Pvt 18631012 prison till 4/21/1865
Abraham B. Zuck Sgt transfer to Vet Res Corps 6/1/1864

Contributed by Harold Hand Jr, author of One Good Regiment
-- First Regimental History of the 13th Pa Cavalry --
. See his Help Locating Civil War Records

117th Regiment

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