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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirteenth Cavalry, One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment , Company K

13th Cavalry, 117th PA Regiment Co. K

Alexander Akin Pvt never joined company
Jacob W. Andrews Pvt
Jerry Ashton Pvt deserted September 1862
Andrew Benner Pvt
Archibald W. Berks Pvt
John W. Berks Capt
Charles Birkheimer Pvt
Johnson Boyle Pvt
William Brooks Pvt deserted September 1862
William Brown Pvt
Thomas S. Buk Pvt 18650325 died Wilmington NC
Smith Buller Corp
Thomas Burns 1st Sgt
George Butler Pvt
Sylvester Caldwell Pvt
John W. Campbell Blacksmith
James Canning Pvt
Fifield Chatterton Pvt deserted April 1863
John Clark Bugler deserted January 1863
John E. Clark Pvt deserted October 1862
James Clarke 2nd Lieutenant
Richard Clifford Pvt
Jones Comley Pvt 18640202
John P. Conard Corp died Springville, Bucks Co., PA
Stephen Connors Pvt deserted December 1864
Joseph Coombs Corp
William W. Corson 2nd Lieutenant
John Cross Pvt
Har'n T. Croxton Corp absent with leave at muster-out
William H. Cuthburt Pvt deserted August 1863
John Davis Pvt never joined company
William Day Pvt deserted October 1862
Elwood Delaney Pvt
John Delaney Pvt deserted December 1862
Amos A. Dillen Pvt 18640829 died Washington DC bur National Cem., Arlington VA
Walter B. Donley Pvt
William Edwards Pvt 18630223 died Winchester VA
John T. Ewing Pvt
Francis P. Farrell Pvt
John A. Fernwalt Pvt
Henry M/N Fetters Sgt 18640906 Drowned at Point of Rocks 2/23/63 ? Captured, died at Andersonville GA 9/6/64, Grave 8006. 18006
Henry Fisher Sgt
Moses Flood Pvt
Philip P. Flood Blacksmith
James Fury Pvt
Joseph Gardner Pvt deserted December 1862
Russell W. Gearey Pvt deserted June 1863
William Gettis Pvt
William C. Gordon Bugler died of wnds in Warminster PA
William Grimwood Pvt
Samuel Groff Pvt absent sick at muster out
William H. Groff Pvt
Perry Halderman Pvt
Charles S. Hamilton Com Sgt 18630612
Andrew Hannah Pvt never joined company
Taylor W. Harper Pvt
Henry Harris Pvt
Hiram H. Hart 1st Sgt discharged by surgeon
John Hickman Pvt
Benjamin Hilborn Pvt
George Hoffstetter Pvt
George E. Howard Pvt deserted August 1863
John Howarth Pvt
Edwin Hutchison Pvt
John Kennedy Pvt never joined company
George W. King Pvt
Robert King Corp
Jackson Lard Pvt 18631013 capt Sulphur Springs VA
Isaac N. Latch Pvt absent sick at muster out
Thomas N. Leech Sgt capt, died Andersonville GA
Morris Ludwick Pvt deserted January 1863
Ira Lyle Pvt
John Mahon Pvt died Baltimore MD, May 1863
Jesse E. March Pvt
Marion Matson Pvt 18630429 killed Fishers Hill VA
A. J. Maxham Pvt 18641204 died of wds bur U.S.Gen. Hosp. Cem., Annapolis MD
Hugh McDevitt Pvt never joined company
Thomas McDonald Pvt
Abraham S. McDowell Sgt 18640624 killed at st marys church
William McIlvain Pvt
Samuel McKinney Pvt
Henry Mehrer Pvt
Henry Meyer Pvt deserted May 1863
Andrew Miller Com Sgt disch by surgeon, date unknown
John J. Miller Pvt transf to Vet Res Corps, date unknown
Nicholas Miller Pvt absent sick at muster out
Lewis Minster Pvt
Henry Moore Pvt
William Newman Pvt bur Millville NJ
Sibley Oliver Pvt 18640712 died of wds rcvd in action
Joshua Paine Q.M.Sgt discharged, date unknown
James D. Patterson Sgt to 2nd lt co e feb 13 1865
Edward Pierce Pvt
John H. Pine Corp 18640929 capt Wyatts Farm VA
Bernard Quinn Corp
William Ramsey Pvt 18630612
George Reed Q.M.Sgt
William Reed Pvt
William H. Rhodes Pvt
Jerry Rirrl Pvt
Joseph Roach Pvt 18640528
William Rodkey Pvt
James Rothwell Pvt deserted September 1862
James Rox Pvt not on muster out roll
Samuel Rudolph Corp 18640530 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 1,485.  Andersonville # 11485
Lewis A. Saxer Corp
John Scoville Pvt
Richard Seed Corp 18631013 w at jefferson, abs in hosp at m/o
Andrew Sharkey Pvt 18631231 died Washington DC bur Military Asylum Cemetery
Jonas Sharkweiler Sgt
Charles S. Shaw Pvt transf to Vet Res Corps, date unknown
Joseph Shean Pvt never joined company
Timothy Shean Pvt never joined company
Lewis Shiffler Pvt never joined company
Christopher Shultz Pvt
Frederick Shultz Corp 18640817 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 5,965.  Andersonville # 15965
Jones Sibley Pvt
William R. Sinn Pvt 18630601 died Winchester VA bur National Cem., lot 9
Benjamin Smith Pvt
James Smith Pvt
Joseph S. Smith Pvt
S. A. Sollenberger 1st Lieutenant
John Stanton Pvt deserted October 1862
John Steward Pvt deserted October 1862
William Stewart Pvt 18640528 capt Hawes Shop VA
Horace K. Stillie 1st Lieutenant
And. Strawbridge Pvt
John S. Struthers Capt discharged by surgeon
John L Syfrit 1st Sgt 18640214 died Warrenton VA
Samuel Taylor Com Sgt
Howard H. Terry Corp 18641229 died Huntingdon Valley PA
Ferdinand Thomas Pvt transfer to Co F, date unknown
William Turner Pvt transf to Vet Res Corps, date unknown
Abraham Tyson Pvt
Charles Warren Pvt never joined company
Edw. Waterworth Pvt 18640929 capt Wyatts Farm VA
Samuel Wertz Pvt
Alexander White Pvt 18650405
Robert Wilky Pvt
Anthony Wise Pvt promo to Reg'l Q.M.Sgt
Levi Witters Pvt
Isaac Wolf Pvt disch by surgeon
Jacob Wright Pvt absent sick at muster out

Contributed by Harold Hand Jr, author of One Good Regiment
-- First Regimental History of the 13th Pa Cavalry --
. See his Help Locating Civil War Records

117th Regiment

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