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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirteenth Cavalry, One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment, Company H

13th Cavalry, 117th PA Regiment Co. H

Nathaniel Altland Pvt
James Arment Sgt
Milton Badmon Pvt deserted March 1863
William Barnett Pvt
Thompson Beatty Pvt
George Berry Pvt 18640815 prison till 2/27/1865
Jonathan Billig Pvt 18640721 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 3,694.  Andersonville # 13694
Joseph Brady Pvt 18621224
George S. Brock Pvt Andersonville # 40609
Robert Brown Corp discharged by surgeon
Daniel Caldwell Sgt promo to 2nd Lieutenant, Co E
Ezekiel Caldwell Sgt promo from Pvt
William Calomel Pvt
William Clark Pvt deserted November 1862
Alfred Clellan Pvt
Daniel H. Clemmer Pvt
James Conlen Pvt
Jesse Conway Pvt
Isaac Cook Pvt
John U. Cox Pvt 18640612 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 1,873.  Andersonville # 11873
George Craft Pvt deserted November 1862
John Crawford Corp promo to Corp
Martin Culp Corp promo to Corp
John Cunius 1st Sgt promo to Sgt, 1st Sgt, 2nd Lieutenant on 2/13/65
Edwin C. Custer Pvt 18621012 prisoner till 4/2/1865
John Davis Pvt
Jehu. Deeds Pvt 18640612 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 12,575.  Andersonville # 22575
John Deeds Pvt 18640701 died City Point VA
Joseph Deem Pvt
Charles Doahne Pvt
Sylvester Dodge Pvt
William Dougherty Pvt
Eli Ebert Pvt capt, date unknown
Samuel Ellinger Pvt capt, died Andersonville, date unknown Andersonville # 30100
William Ellinger Blacksmith
William Falls Pvt
Aug. Fie Pvt Andersonville # 43092
John Gasting Pvt died Philadelphia PA, October 1862
Richard Germon Pvt
Daniel Gilbert Pvt
A. H. Glassmier 1st Lieutenant promo frm 1st Sgt then to Capt (not mus)
Charles Goodell Pvt absent without leave at muster out
Nadel D. Gully Sgt promo from Corp
Thomas Gully Pvt 18640528 killed Hawes Shop VA
William Hader Pvt not on muster out roll
Michael Hanley Pvt
John Haslett Pvt
Philip Hayden Pvt deserted December 1862
Godfrey Henry Pvt
Felix Hilferty Pvt
Ignatius Hock Corp promo to Corp
Joseph Hollinger Pvt
Robert Holmes Pvt 18640609 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 1,768.  Andersonville # 11768
August Hook Pvt
Algernon Hoover Pvt
Lewis Huntzinger Pvt
William P. Jett Pvt transfer to Western Army, date unknown
Asbury Johnson Pvt
Jesse Jones Pvt
Reuben Keely Pvt
Henry S. Kelly Sgt 18640530 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 238.  Andersonville # 10238
John Kelly Bugler
Thomas Kelly Pvt 18640812 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 5,443.  see Doughertys diary, p:75.  Anders. # 15443
Alexander Keys Corp capt, died Andersonville, date unknown Andersonville # 15154
Joshua Kidd Pvt
John Kline Capt 18640528 killed Hawes Shop VA
Lewis Klinger Pvt absent sick at muster out
William M. Lathrop Pvt 18630709 bur Hampton VA, grave 11, sec A, row 15
George Leinberg Pvt 18641208 capt, died Salisbury NC
John Leonard Pvt
Isadore Luisch Saddler
John Lutz Corp promo to Corp
Joshua D. Lutz Corp 18631012 promo to Corp, prison till 4/21/1865
Solomon Lutz Pvt discharged by surgeon
Isaac Z. Lysinger Sgt 18650206 killed Hatchers Run VA
Gideon Mase Pvt deserted August 1863
Jesse Mattson Pvt 18640528 18640701 wounded at hawes shop
James McCarty Pvt
Joshua McCool Pvt
Alex McDonal Pvt
William McElroy Pvt capt, date unknown Andersonville # 20155
Robert McKechney Sgt promo from Pvt
Charles McKnight Pvt deserted December 1862
John Metzgar Pvt
Daniel Miller Pvt 18640329 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 225.  Andersonville # 10225
Nathan Miller Pvt 18640428 prisoner till 11/20/1864
Samuel Miller Pvt
Washington Miller Pvt
John M. Morgan Pvt disch for wds, loss of leg, date unknown
Charles Moss Sgt promo from Pvt
George Munshower Pvt deserted November 1862
William Murphy Sgt promo from Corp
James Murray Pvt
Samuel Owens Pvt
Thomas Parker Pvt not on muster-out rolls
John Phillips Pvt
John Porter Pvt deserted November 1862
Lewis W. Preston Pvt
Daniel Raffensparger Pvt
Lewis Rambo Pvt
Matthias Rhodes Pvt 18640822 capt, died Richmond VA
Joseph Roberts 1st Lieutenant
George Rodebaugh Pvt absent sick at muster-out
Henry Rosenberry Pvt 18640604 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 1,624.  Andersonville # 11624
Henry Sheetz Pvt
Luke Sherd Sgt died, date unknown
Matthias Shoemaker Sgt 18640601 capt, died Andersonville GA grave 1,543.  Andersonville # 11543
Frank Showalter Pvt
Tobias Shuler Sgt promo from Pvt
Samuel Shupe Pvt discharged by surgeon
John Sigmond Pvt
Charles Smith Pvt deserted December 1862
Edward F. Smith 2nd Lieutenant promo from Sgt
Frank Smith Pvt
Godfrey Smith Pvt absent sick at muster-out
William Snyder Corp 18640522 died Baltimore MD bur National Cem., Loudon Park
Alexander Stevens Pvt
Adam Stout Pvt discharged, date unknown
Henry Sutton Pvt deserted August 1863
Henry F. Swank Pvt (Henry Franklin Schwenk ?)
George Swearer Pvt 18640604 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 1,605.  Andersonville # 11605
Andrew Temple Pvt 18640210 Died of wounds, Petersburg VA Poplar Grove Nat Cem, Div D, Sec D, grave 186
Jeremiah Terpening Pvt
William S. Thomas Pvt transferred to co e, date unknown
Daniel Unger Pvt
Roderick Vanderbilt Pvt not on muster-out rolls
Harrison Wallace Pvt 18640531 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 1,525.  Andersonville # 11525
John S. Walters 2nd Lieutenant 18640929 capt Wyatts Farm VA
Oliver S. Weeks Sgt discharged by surgeon
Adam Weigert Pvt 18641027 killed at south side railroad
W. W. Wheatley Pvt
John C. Williams Pvt capt, died Andersonville GA Andersonville # 30101
Joseph Wolff Pvt 18640604 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 941.  Andersonville # 10941
Charles Woller Pvt deserted December 1862
George Zollers Pvt
Thomas Zollers Pvt
Valentine Zollers Pvt

Contributed by Harold Hand Jr, author of One Good Regiment
-- First Regimental History of the 13th Pa Cavalry --
. See his Help Locating Civil War Records

117th Regiment

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