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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

Thirteenth Cavalry, One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment , Company I

13th Cavalry, 117th PA Regiment Co. I

William Adams Pvt 18640818 18650827 Wounded at Deep Bottom Died at Philadelphia PA
Zachary Adkinson Pvt
Abraham Altwood Pvt 18640329 bur Andersonville GA, grave 224
Charles Ambler Pvt 18640909 capt, died Andersonville GA Andersonville # 18232
Michael Aultz Blacksmith
David Baird Pvt discharged by surgeon
Frederick Beckelman Pvt
Thomas H. Benham Pvt deserted, date unknown
Samuel Birkmyer Pvt 18650418 missing in action at durham station
David Bishline Pvt 18640624 bur Arlington VA, grave 62, sec E, row 5, block 2
Isaac P. Blackemore Sgt 18640624
Jonas Books Pvt
James Boyd Pvt absent sick at muster-out
Jacob P. Boyer Corp 18641027 wounded at South Side RR
Abraham Brawley Pvt 18640923
Thomas Bright Pvt
Charles Brown Pvt not on muster-out roll
Francis Brown Pvt
James Brown Pvt deserted, date unknown
Jonathan Brown Pvt not on muster-out roll
Oliver H. Brucks Pvt 18640624 capt St Marys Church
H. H. Bumgardner Pvt
Samuel Byer Pvt 18640923
Timothy A. Byrnes Capt
John Cameron Sgt
Charles B. Capewell Pvt
John S. Cathcart Pvt not on muster-out roll
Thomas Chambers Pvt deserted, date unknown
John Chevers Pvt not on muster-out roll
Charles Clements Pvt deserted, date unknown
Andrew Cochran Pvt deserted, date unknown
Seymour Coleman Pvt deserted, date unknown
Samuel Coles Corp
John Cummings Sgt deserted, date unknown
John W. Curran Pvt
James Davies Pvt
James C. Davis 1st Sgt discharged by surgeon
John Dillen Pvt not on muster-out roll
James Dixon Pvt absent sick at muster-out
Patrick Doran Pvt not on muster-out roll
John Dorcey Pvt not on muster-out roll
Louis Dorr Pvt
Benedict W. Dugan Pvt
George Dunbar Pvt not on muster-out roll
Eugene Dunehower Pvt
Robert Dunsmore Pvt
James Eaton Pvt
Martin H. Ellinger Pvt discharged by surgeon
George W. Elliott Pvt
Matthew Elliott Pvt
John S. Eltonhead Pvt deserted, date unknown
Alexander Ewing Pvt
David Ford Sgt
Christian Fortney Pvt
Henry Frederick Corp
John Fries Pvt discharged by surgeon
Bernard P. Garvin Pvt born about 1841 in Ireland bur Adcock Cem., Hope Mills, NC
Christopher Gratton Sgt
George Grier Pvt
August Gunther Pvt not on muster-out roll
Frederick Gunther Pvt deserted, date unknown
A. Harrington Pvt 18640717 bur City Point VA, grave 73, sec D, div 4
Daniel Hawk Pvt
James Hayden Pvt deserted,date unknown
John Healds Pvt deserted,date unknown
John Heary Pvt 18650418 missing in action at durham station
James Henry Pvt deserted,date unknown
John Hewitt Pvt
Maurice Hickey Sgt expiration of term
John S. Hollis Pvt 18631013 capt Sulphur Springs VA
Samuel Hoover Pvt
John Hunter Pvt
Edward Inglert Pvt
Cyrus E. Irwin Pvt transf to co d, date unknown
John Jackson Pvt deserted, date unknown
John J. Jacoby Pvt transf to vet res corps 9/20/1864
George W. Jeffries 1st Sgt 18630212 died Winchester VA
Charles W. Johnson Pvt 18640612 prisoner until Dec13, 1864
John Johnson Pvt deserted, date unknown
James Kane Sgt 18630101 Died at Point of Rocks MD
Theodore Kempin Pvt discharged by surgeon
Jacob Knupp Pvt
Patrick Lochran Pvt deserted, date unknown
Thomas Lovett Pvt
Michael Maddigan Pvt
George R. Maguire 1st Lieutenant
Jacob Matter Pvt
H. H. McBarron Pvt 18650413 wounded at raleigh nc
James McCarty Pvt
Patrick McCarty Pvt
James McDermott Sgt deserted, date unknown
William McGill Pvt 18640618
Owen McGrath Pvt deserted, date unknown
Lewis McMakin 2nd Lieutenant
Jacob Mickey Pvt 18650508 died Smithville NC
Edwin H. Miller Pvt absent sick at muster-out
Emanuel S. Miller Pvt
James M. Miller Pvt
John Miller Q.M.Sgt
Joseph S. Miller Pvt
Charles A. Mintzer Pvt
Samuel Morey Pvt bur Union Cem., Mays Landing NJ
William H. Morris Pvt
John Mullegan Pvt 18650212 bur National Cem., Loudon Park, Baltimore MD
John Mullen Corp expiration of term
Andrew G. Murphy Pvt 18640907 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 8,027.  Andersonville # 18027
John M. Murphy Pvt absent on detach serv at muster-out
John Old Pvt
Joseph O'Mealy Pvt not on muster-out roll
Simon O'Neil Pvt
Charles Ott Com Sgt
Adam R. Patton Pvt died Newbern NC, May 1865
John M. Patton Blacksmith expiration of term
Charles Perry Pvt 18650525 drowned Fayetteville NC
Charles Peters Pvt deserted, date unknown
David Pickell Pvt 18641011 Died in Washington DC Arlington Nat Cemetery
Charles Powell Pvt
John M. Powell Pvt
Bernard Quigley Pvt not on muster-out roll
Robert Quirns Pvt
Thomas Rafferty Pvt 18641208 capt, died Salisbury NC ?
Biddle Reeves Sgt
Bartley E. Riley Pvt
William Ringelben Sgt
Robert Roarty Corp
George W. Robinson Bugler
Theodore P. Rockafellow Pvt
Michael Romelbacker Blacksmith not on muster-out roll
B. Rose Pvt 18640813 bur Andersonville GA, grave 5,537.  Andersonville # 15537
Andrew Rupp Pvt 18631013 capt Jefferson VA Andersonville # 22018
George Saxer Pvt not on muster-out roll
Reuben Schneck Pvt
Stephen O. Seedy Pvt 18650206 killed at hatchers run va
James A. Shoop Pvt
Nicholas J. Smith Corp
Paul K. Smith Pvt 18640901
Samuel Smith Corp
Thomas Smith Pvt deserted, date unknown
William H. Smith Pvt not on muster-out roll
Joseph Spotts Pvt deserted, date unknown
G. W. Springfield Pvt dishon disch november 1864
Thomas Stell Pvt
Henry Swartz Pvt
John C. Sweeney Pvt discharged by surgeon
John F. Taylor Pvt 18640509 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 1144.  see Doughertys diary, p:44.  Anders. # 11144
Eugenus Tibbs Pvt
John H. Tippets Sgt transf to vet res corps 9/20/1864
Bernard Toland Pvt 18640429 capt, died Andersonville GA Grave 785.  see Doughertys diary p:37.  Anders. # 10785
Judson Turrell Pvt disch by surgeon november 1862
David Valentine Pvt capt, died Andersonville GA Buried at Richmond VA
Daniel Vannote Pvt
William Voppel Pvt deserted, date unknown
John Walker Pvt absent sick at muster-out
William P. Walter 1st Sgt
Thomas A. Warne Q.M.Sgt disch by surgeon, april 1863
Charles H. Weatherly Sgt deserted, date unknown
Charles A. White 1st Lieutenant discharged by surgeon
Albert Whitefield Sgt not on muster-out rolls
Thomas H. Whitman Pvt disch by general ordr
Charles Wilson Pvt not on muster-out roll
John P. Wyman Pvt deserted, date unknown

Contributed by Harold Hand Jr, author of One Good Regiment
-- First Regimental History of the 13th Pa Cavalry --
. See his Help Locating Civil War Records

117th Regiment

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