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One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment, Company B

148th Regiment
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Recruited in Milesburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania

148th PA Regiment Co. B

General rendezvous, Milesburg

Captain James F. Weaver
Captain William D. Harper
First Lieut. Jabez C. P. Jones
Second Lieut. James E. Mc Cartney
First Sergeant John B. Like
First Sergeant Michael F. Conner
First Sergeant Samuel L. Barr
First Sergeant David H. Sawyers
Sergeant George W. Lucas
Sergeant Thomas T. Taylor
Sergeant Alfred C. Moore
Sergeant Constans Barger
Sergeant George R. Huston
Sergeant William J. J. Davidson
Sergeant Jacob Roop

Corporal George P. Hall
Corporal Samuel R. Mitchell
Corporal John D. Lucas
Corporal Edwin Searson
Corporal Benjamin F. Harris
Corporal William B. Peters
Corporal Allen S. Ammerman
Corporal David Seibert
Corporal Edward H. Poorman
Corporal William Latta
Corporal Oliver W. Vanvalin
Corporal William C. Ammerman

Musician Nathaniel Beerly
Musician Emery Hutton


R. Wesley Ammerman
Nelson Adams
Joseph Ammerman
John W. Ashton
John Adams
David Ammerman
John Thompson Ammerman
Samuel Bryan
Philip B Brower
Michael Bush
James Barger
George Billet
John W. Biddle
Austin Brower
Michael A. Brown
Mesulam Beerly
George Bennet
Jacob Bear
John F. Byers
Emanuel Brubaker
Benjamin F. Baker
James R. Brower
Reuben B. Beers
Harry C. Bullock
Thomas A. Conaway
Frederick Doughman
Alexander J. Droucker
John L. Durst
Abel Davis
Henry S. Deneen
John C. Ehrhom
William A. Edmiston
Jacob Flick
Henry Fishel
Samuel Huling
George W. Harris
Valentine Harris
James Huston
David E. Hagey
William H. Henry
James Hines
Cyrus Horner
Enoch Hugg
Thomas H. Irvin
Joseph Iddings
William H. Kreps
William Keeler
David Kline
William Knight
Jacob Kriner
Jacob C. Keyser
Joseph Keeler
Abraham Killinger
Oliver F. Keely
Frederic Leonard
Robert Lipton
John Lucas
Jacob Lilly
William M. Lohr
Joseph W. Muffly
Jacob Mishler
John A. Moore
Charles Moon
Charles McGarvey
Godfrey Onstead
William Pisel
James Poorman
Wilson J. Parsons
John Peters
George Pheasant (bio)
Thomas Quick
Andrew B. Roan
Joseph F. Ritter
James Rose
Armor Richards
Jacob Schultz
John Skirk, Jr.
George Stone
Samuel C. Seavolt
Isaac Strait
Frederick Slegle
Jacob W. Sunday
Benjamin Sailor
James Schroyer
William Stone
William Schroyer
John Spotts
Joseph Sidell
John Shaffer
James W. Van Valin
Charles Walter
Peter Wylan
Benjamin F. Watkins
Alexander C. Watkins
Samuel Wells
William H. Wertz
George W. Walker
Henry Wolf
S. D. Witherow
Robert Wilan
William Walker
Mathias Walker
Samuel Yeager
Isaac Zufall
Benjamin Zimmerman

NOTE:- It is much to be regretted that the Retained Copy of the original 
Muster-in Roll, which gave the age, occupation and place of residence of the 
original members of the company, together with all intermediate muster and 
pay-rolls (including the muster-out roll) in possession of Captain William D. 
Harper, of Renova, were destroyed by fire a number of years ago by the 
burning of his residence. The only data at hand at this time, beyond the 
recollection of members of the company still living, is Prof. Samuel P. 
Bates' "History of Pennsylvania Volunteers," which is not entirely reliable 
in some instances. Nothing whatever is know of the drafted men and 
substitutes subsequently assigned the company, as to their residence or 
occupation prior to that time.

(signed) James F. Weaver

Milesburg, Pennsylvania, July, 1904

Contributed by Dave Stover, Great grandson of David Stover, Company G, 148th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Any inquiries from individual genealogists or researchers are welcome.
Source: The Story of Our Regiment, A History of The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Written by the Comrades; Edited by Adjt. J. W. Muffly; published by The Kenyon Printing and Mfg. Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 1904.

148th Regiment

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