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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment, Company I

Recruited in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

148th PA Regiment Co. I

Roster of Company I, 148th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers

Captain Silas J. Marlin
First Lieut. John A. McGuire
First Lieut. Junius F. Crain
Second Lieut. Orlando H. Brown
Second Lieut. Joseph E. Hall
Second Lieut. Frank W. Clark
First Sergeant Thomas W. Douglass
Sergeant Henry Carey
Sergeant Shelum Swineford
Sergeant Benjamin F. McGiffin
Sergeant Johial Vastbinder
Sergeant Alexander McQuiston
Sergeant William Davidson
Sergeant Robert Kissinger
Sergeant Edward Murphy
Corporal Jacob B. Rumbaugh
Corporal William H. Harley
Corporal John M. Davis
Corporal Lewis Deibler
Corporal Thomas McCullough
Corporal Alexander Douglass
Corporal Joseph Earnest
Corporal Harrsion Catts
Corporal John M. Love
Corporal Rusling S. Adams
Corporal Russel Weeks
Musician Joseph Arthurs


George N. Anthony
William Acker
Eli Bailey
John Banghart
Emory J. Barr
Hugh A. Barr
William H. Barr
Jonathan L. Bitner
Joseph W. Bowley
William C. Boyd
Philip Boyer
John S. Buzzard
Andrew J. Clark
Lewis Cobbs
James Cochran
Wallace Coon
Isaac Corey
Andrew Craft
Philip S. Crate
Harvey Crispin
Josiah T. Crouch
Isaiah S. Davis
John W. Demott
Alonzo Dennis
Darius Dickens
Stephen E. Dickens
Calvin Dixon
John Emmett
Daniel Ferringer
William F. Firman
Alonzo Fowler
James J. Galey
James Garbon
Christ C. Gearhart
Frederick Gillhousen
Israel J. Grenoble
Samuel K. Groh
Orin Guile
Andrew J. Hagerty
Andrew Harp
Augustus Haugh
Jacob S. Haugh
David M. Hillis
George Horner
John Howard
Samuel Howard
Benjamin F. Hull
Lawson A. Jearls
Manasses Kerr
James Labar
Harrison Long
Peter P. Love
Rueben Lyle
Henry Mapes
Lyman E. Mapes
David Mattson
Frederick Miller
William F. Miller
Harrison Moore
Jackson Moore
Thompson Moorhead
Stewart H. Montier
Benjamin F. Mulford
James A. Murphy
James McManagle
Moses W. Newton
Peter Nulph
Nelson P. O'Connor
William O'Connor
Robert Oursler
William J. Orr
Edward Plyler
Bejamin Potter
Samuel Ransom
Harrison Ransom
James W. Rea
Eli Rhinehart
David D. Rhodes
Orsemus Rice
William Rogers
Noah Rugg
Edward M. Sage
Abraham Saner
Benjamin F. Scandrett
Peter Shannon
Samuel Shaw
John H. H. Shuster
Lucius A. Simpson
John W. Smith
Theophilus Smith
William H. H. Smith
Alexander Snyder
Jacob Snyder
Richard Snyder
Sanderson P. Stacy
Lewis R. Stahlman
John Stahlman
Joseph Y. Thompson
Samuel Try
Robert M. Wadding
Marcus Watkins
Joseph White
William White
F. M. Whiteman
Elijah Willoughby
Sebastain C. Wilson
William P. Woods

Contributed by Dave Stover, Great grandson of David Stover, Company G, 148th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Any inquiries from individual genealogists or researchers are welcome.
Source: The Story of Our Regiment, A History of The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Written by the Comrades; Edited by Adjt. J. W. Muffly; published by The Kenyon Printing and Mfg. Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 1904.

148th Regiment

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