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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment, Company H

Recruited in Centre County but drew from many other counties as well.

148th PA Regiment Co. H

Lieut. Col. George A. Fairlamb
Lieut. Col. George A. Bayard
Captain H.H. Montgomery
First Lieut. James B. Cook
First Lieut. John L. Johnston
Second Lieut. Alexander Gibb
Chaplain William H. Stevens
Second Lieut. John A. Bayard
Second Lieut. John A. J. Fugate
Sergeant Darius L. Sanders
Sergeant Daniel H. Bumgardner
Sergeant Samuel B. Wyland
Sergeant John Freeze
Sergeant Samuel McKinley
Sergeant William Ward
Sergeant Herman K. Miller
Sergeant Thomas Jordon
Corporal Jacob Snyer
Corporal Ephraim Klinger
Corporal James Ludwig
Corporal William Snyder
Corporal George W. Farnsler
Corporal Hardman Richards
Corporal Robert Blackburne
Corporal Washington G. Brady
Corporal John D. Wagner
Corporal W. W. Montgomery
Corporal Richard Miles
Corporal George H. Neiman
Corporal Peter Frantz
Corporal William McDonald
Corporal Sylvester Hill
Corporal Sylvester Sanders
Corporal Matthew B. Lucas
Principal Musician Robert A. Cassidy
Musician William Yager


Samuel Butler
James E. Beales
Robert Cassady
John W. Carlton
John C. Crissman
Hermann H. Clapp
W. B. Copenhaver
Miles Clark
John Dolph
Robert Elder
Nelson Flack
Daniel G. Farley
Jacob Frantz
Michael Flinn
Charles Garrett
John W. Gahagan
Samuel Gunsalis
John Green
Thomas Gephart
David Goode
Robert Hudson
George Haines
Francis J. Hunter
Reuben Hagen
Lewis W. Ingram
Edward P. Jones
George T. Jones
John Johnston
Robert J. Kelly
Hiram Knippenburg
David R. Kline
Osborne Lambert
George H. Long
William J. Lucas
Michael Lebkicher
William Ludwig
Thomas W. Myton
Wyrman S. Miller
W. F. Montgomery
Spencer McIntyre
William McKinney
John B. Newcomer
William Oliver
Samuel H. Orris
Oscar L. Runk
Matthew M. Ross
John K. M. Rankin
Frederick Reader
Jacob Spotts
David Stiner
Thomas B. Sanders
William H. Shultz
Jacob Shank
Amos Sweetwood
Isaac Sweetwood
James Stewart
James M. Test
John G. Uzzle
Samuel Ulrich
Phillip Walker
Charles O. Whippo
Daniel W. Woodring
Ulysses Wants
Harrison Yeager
Adoniram J. Yothers
Benjamin Zimmerman

Contributed by Dave Stover, Great grandson of David Stover, Company G, 148th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Any inquiries from individual genealogists or researchers are welcome.
Source: The Story of Our Regiment, A History of The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Written by the Comrades; Edited by Adjt. J. W. Muffly; published by The Kenyon Printing and Mfg. Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 1904.

148th Regiment

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