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One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment, Company C

148th Regiment
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Recruited in Centre County, Pennsylvania

148th PA Regiment Co. C

The place of enrollment, so far as it can be ascertained, is given. The date 
of original enlistment cannot be secured,inasmuch as neither muster-in nor 
muster-out roll is available, and the date following place of enrollment is, 
therefore, the date of original muster-in at Harrisburg and Bellefonte, 
( am only showing the place of enrollment.)

Captain Robert McKay Forster - State College
Captain Jacob B. Edmonds - Boalsburg
Captain William E. Graham - State College
Captain John F. Benner - State College
First Lieut. William H. Bible - Bellefonte
First Lieut. Jacob S. Lander - Hublersburg
First Lieut. David G. Ralston - State College
First Lieut. Samuel Everhart - Boalsburg
First Lieut. Danial Shuey - State College
Second Lieut. Francis Stevenson - Buffalo Run
First Sergeant Ezra B. Walter - Hublersburg
First Sergeant Frederick Yocum - Hublersburg
First Sergeant John Craig - Buffalo Run
First Sergeant Charles C. Harman - State College
Sergeant James Knox - Buffalo Run
Sergeant John F. Swiler - Buffalo Run
Sergeant Jerome B. Stewart
Sergeant William C. Huey - State College
Sergeant Abraham Green Carter - State College
Corporal James K. P. Ward - Gatesburg
Corporal Abraham Wertz - Houserville
Corporal James Ellenberger - Buffalo Run
Corporal John G. Robinson - Buffalo Run
Corporal Christian Lowry - Houserville
Corporal Michael Hatt - Buffalo Run
Corporal Patrick Campbell - State College
Corporal Christian Swarz - Hublersburg
Corporal Samuel Bottorf - Pine Grove Mills
Corporal James Ray - State College
Corporal James T. Beck - Jacksonville
Corporal William T. McCalmont - Jacksonville
Corporal Nathan M. Yarnell - State College
Corporal Hiland Biddle - Buffalo Run
Corporal Thomas C. Keys - Pine Grove Mills
Corporal Lewis A. Wood
Corporal John G. Mattern - Buffalo Run
Musician Lawrence B.Bathurst - Unionville
Musician William H. Harpster - Buffalo Run
Musician Samuel D. Otto - State College


Albert Adams - State College
Jackson Appleby
George N. Allen
Webster D. Baker
Isaac Bailey - Buffalo Run
Jacob Baird - State College
David Beck
George Brown - State College
William Campbell - Buffalo Run
James Carner - State College
William Carner - State College
William Carson - Buffalo Run
Jacob L. Carter - State College
Henry J. Cartin - Buffalo Run
Joseph Carver - Buffalo Run
William Clark
John A. Cline - Hublersburg
John Coble, Jr. - State College
Andrew N. Corbin
Reubin Cronamiller - Houserville
James P. De Armont - Hublersburg
Jack Dorman - Hublersburg
Abraham Fink
Abraham Freed - Buffalo Run
Llewellyn Fulton - State College
Martin Funk - Hublersburg
Amos Gabrick - State College
George Gates - Gatesburg
Daniel Gates - Gatesburg
Samuel Gill - State College
Robert Grater - Hublersburg
Siegfried Heiligstein
Jonas Hershberger
David Hite
Samuel Hoover
John Jackson - State College
Andrew Johnson - Buffalo Run
John Johnson
J. C. Johnstonbaugh
William H. Jones
David Kreps - State College
Andrew J. Kline
Isaiah Koontz
William Lambert - Bellefonte
Samuel Lawson -  - Buffalo Run
Joseph Lee - Hublersburg
Herbert W. Lyman
Alm N. Lyman
William Lytle - Buffalo Run
Ephriam Lytle - Buffalo Run
Fabian Matz - Buffalo Run
James I. Mayes - State College
Lewis Mayes
Miles M. Mayes - Potters Mills
William H. Mayes - State College
Henry Markle - Hublersburg
John H. Mastly
George M Matthews
William R. Morey
William Mosier
William Musselman - State College
Thomas McBath - State College
John McDowell
John McIvason - Buffalo Run
Robert C. Neil - Buffalo Run
Samuel Nichols - Bellefonte
William H. Norris - State College
Lemuel H. Osman - State College
George Osman - State College
Henry Pennington - State College
John W. Ports
Archibald S. Paul
George Pottsgrove - Buffalo Run
Jacob R. Rhoads
Abraham Riffle
Daniel K. Reish - State College
David Ross - Buffalo Run
Henry Royer - State College
Thaddeus C. Rumberger - Buffalo Run
Thomas E. Sherman
Jacob Seese
Simon Segner - State College
James Sherwood
Patterson M. Shields
David W. Shivery - State College
David G. Smith
William Smythe
John C. Sowers - State College
Henry A. Sowers - State College
Michael Spicher
William Strickler - State College
John Suders
Christian Swiler - Houserville
Smith Swiler - Houserville
Henry Swartz - Hublersburg
Eli P. Tate
John Thomas - Buffalo Run
Zechariah Truckenmiller - Hublersburg
Christian Vaughn - Buffalo Run
Amos Ward
John R. West
Andrew G. Whitehall - State College
Thomas Williams - State College
Joseph Yetters - State College

Contributed by Dave Stover, Great grandson of David Stover, Company G, 148th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Any inquiries from individual genealogists or researchers are welcome.
Source: The Story of Our Regiment, A History of The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Written by the Comrades; Edited by Adjt. J. W. Muffly; published by The Kenyon Printing and Mfg. Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 1904.

148th Regiment

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