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PA Civil War Volunteer Soldiers

One Hundred and Forty-eighth Regiment, Company G

Recruited in Centre County but drew from many other counties as well.

148th PA Regiment Co. G

Captain Robert A McFarlane
Captain James J. Patterson
Captain Isaac Lytle
Captain John H. Harpster
First Lieut. Jacob B. Edmonds
First Lieut. Joseph Fox
Second Lieut. John W. Stuart
First Sergeant Robert H. Patterson
First Sergeant William L. Taylor
Sergeant William McGuire
Sergeant Lot E. Ketner
Sergeant William C. Holahan
Sergeant James P. Odenkirk
Sergeant Samuel Everhart
Sergeant James P. Shoop
Sergeant John Martz
Sergeant Ithiel B Snyder
Sergeant David H. Henney
Corporal George J. Duffy
Corporal George W. Went
Corporal William H. Swinehart
Corporal William I. Berry
Corporal James M. Royer
Corporal George W. Ward
Corporal William S. Van Dyke
Corporal Daniel S. Keller
Corporal George Glenn
Corporal Daniel Royer
Corporal William A. Jacobs
Corporal Joseph L. Harpster
Corporal James B. Irvin
Corporal William L. Bottorff
Corporal Anthony Knopf 
Musician Daniel Schreffler
Musician Mathia Rider
Wagoner Abraham M. Royer


Henry C. Allen
John H. Allen
William Baily
George K. Baker
Benjamin F. Beans
Nathan E. Beans
Valentine Benskotre
John Bowers
Brice D. Brisbin
Benjamin D. Condo
Charles M. Condo
Jared Condo
Daniel Condo
John Davison
William Devore
Benjamin F. Dunkle
Henry Eckinroth
Henry Fleisher
George W. Gilbert
John Gilbert
Jackson Hartley
Fancis M. Hess
Jonathan Hoffner
George W. Ishler
William A. Ishler
Thomas Johnstonbaugh
Samuel Kelly
George Koon
William Koonsman
David Koonfier
Thomas J. Lee
Samuel T. Lytle
Isaiah W. Marks
James F. Martin
David McCool
David D. McIlhattan
George W. McIlhattan
David W. Miller
William Mitchell
John Moyer
John H. Moyer
Adams T. Murphy
Daniel G. Musser
Amos Myers
Reuben Page
Reuben Reed
Samuel Reel
John T. Riley
Alexander B. Ross
John H. Rumbarger
George W. Shaffer
David W.Shires
Thomas Singleton
Samuel H. Snyder
David Stover
Hiram Sweetwood
James A. Thompson
William A. Thompson
Samuel W. Webb
James A. Williams
William W. Williams
William Wingard
George W. Yarlett
John E. Youts

Recruits of Company G

William Betts
Henry A. Bottorff
John H. Breon
William H. Fulton
William H. Garbrick
Thomas J. Gates
Philip Glessner
William M. Gross
Samuel Hamer
Benjamin Housel
Francis M. May
John Pittman
William Pittman
Samuel J. Rager
James C. Sellers
Dias Shoemaker
James Starliper
William V. Starliper
John Weyand
George Wasson
Henry H. Yarnell
John T. Young

Note: The contributor of names for Company G, unknown to me (Dave Stover), 
took the time to append each entry with comments about each soldier. A sample 
of the comments is provided.

....killed in the charge of Gettysburg in the very front July 2, 1863; a 
tidy, brave and responsible soldier, a loss to this country.

....wounded, recovered and returned to the company; a fine sample of the 
Christian soldier, true and brave; man in the company did more or better service than this boy; 
discharged with the company;

....was a particularly good soldier until July 8, 1863, when he deserted, to 
the surprise of all.

....deserted; was never in action; was no good.

....wounded June 17th near Petersburg, Virginian, and again October 26, 1864, 
and captured by the enemy; died in prison; a young man, esteemed by all; a 
brave and earnest soldier.

Contributed by Dave Stover, Great grandson of David Stover, Company G, 148th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Any inquiries from individual genealogists or researchers are welcome.
Source: The Story of Our Regiment, A History of The 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Written by the Comrades; Edited by Adjt. J. W. Muffly; published by The Kenyon Printing and Mfg. Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 1904.

148th Regiment

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